Here is Why Everyone Needs A Household CFO

When was the last time you seriously looked at your household budget?

Was it six weeks ago? Six months ago? Or perhaps you’ve never put together a personal budget and are just “winging it”. Whatever your answer is, know that you are not alone.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 33% of American families have a planned monthly budget.  And although that number may seem surprisingly low, the truth is that far too many people ignore their personal finances until it’s too late.

It’s natural to come up with excuses as to why you’re not managing your finances. For some, it’s the fear that it may be too complicated to comprehend. For others, it’s lack of time and understanding.

Sometimes all you need is a person who is available to help guide you through the process.

Major corporations have spend management platforms that allow the company to keep track of finances. These platforms always have positive effects to a company’s bottom line. Levanto applies that same technology and management to our client’s personal finances.

The Levanto Difference

Here at Levanto, we try to help normal people through their financial planning and budgeting. Our dedicated Household CFOs work with our clients every day and focus on helping them achieve their financial visions through monthly budgeting, billpay, and more.

“Emotionally, it can be a challenge for many of our clients to approach us. But once they do, they are immediately grateful and on a better financial path.” explains Victor Claudio, Levanto’s Head of Client Service.

“It requires a realization that you need help with your financial situation. Maybe it’s due to an increasing debt load or time constraints for handling your budget. And because finances can be an emotional thing, we pride ourselves on building rapport with our clients based on empathy.”

The Personal Touch

For Levanto, the relationship building begins during your first meeting. During that time, your dedicated Household CFO will ask detailed questions to better understand your needs as well as your current financial situation.  

Our team then drafts a detailed economic roadmap. This helps us identify potential cash-flow issues.

The Levanto differentiator is helping our clients look at future obligations versus current finances, helping people get a good idea of how to plan for their future. Expenses such as sending a child to college or caring for an elderly parent are often expenses that are overlooked during financial planning.

“Our clients love the personalized budget we create for them, and the fact that we help them monitor their day-to-day expenses. They can also consult with their Household CFO anytime they anticipate major life changes or have questions. Every month, we also deliver comprehensive reports to track your progress.” says Victor.

“It’s a different approach to personal finance, but it’s based on the simple idea that if more people were proactive in their financial decisions, it would eliminate a lot of future financial problems.”

Like Having Your Own Household CFO

Richard Klein is a long-time Levanto client and appreciates the personal touch. He’s been singing the company’s praises for the past five years.

“I began using Levanto after a friend recommended them. I was interested in getting help in managing my bills and decided to check them out.”

After the initial budget planning session, Richard was surprised to see how his money was actually spent every month. He says sticking to a budget can prove to be tricky at times, but relishes in the peace of mind Levanto brings to him.

“The most rewarding part of having Levanto is not having to worry about paying my bills because they do it for me,” Klein explains happily. “Levanto had me set up two accounts. One account is strictly bill pay and they handle the details. The second account is designed for other expenditures, like buying groceries.”

“Victor has been awesome. Very responsive and helpful. If I need insurance on a new car, they’ll take care of it for me. It’s like having my own CFO.”

Today, Richard is one of Levanto’s biggest evangelists and lets others know about the benefits of using Levanto.

“Even if you don’t sign up for Levanto’s monthly management services, taking part in the initial budget meeting can be a rewarding experience and one that will put you well on your way to great fiscal health.”

“I always say that good personal finances is like a muscle,” concluded Klein with a laugh. “so you have to exercise it once in awhile for it to be healthy.”

How to Work with Us

We offer a budget consultation to evaluate your expenses, and provide monthly services with a Household CFO to help you manage things day to day. If you’re interested, contact us today!